4 For More

Our “4 For More” program is designed to complement your current reinsurance program and help you find additional revenue that you are currently missing. Here is a breakdown of the value that the products and more importantly PROCESSES deliver.

Cars / Month


Maintenance. Our 100% Dealer OWNED completely customizable program combined with full in-store support.


GPS Theft Recovery. Utilizing cutting edge technology that requires no hardwiring and has led to recovery of 100% of vehicles reported stolen, we help dealers find $100+ of non-cancellable income per vehicle sold.


Environmental. Our exclusive, EPA approved & U.S. Patented, Interior/Exterior/Anti-microbial product offers best in class coverage and unbeatable price point.


Missed VSC. We provide an any make, any mile VSC designed to fill the gaps your current provider cannot or will not cover, helping your F&I team ensure every customer has a chance to opt for dependable coverage and peace of mind.


TOTAL FOUND REVENUE. Our products are unique, but our true value lies in our PROCESSES which have a proven track record of leading teams to execute at the highest levels.


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