Impact Revenue was founded by Travis Pickens and Bobby Kumparak in 2018 after each of them spent over a decade working for two of the largest F&I providers in the market.

They realized that there was a way to run a lean and efficient organization that could provide dealers with the best Reinsurance programs in the market, provide top level income development and do so at a significant savings to every dealer in the market.


The one non-negotiable for IMPACT is that we value our RELATIONSHIP with the DEALER above all else. Vendors, time and even profits are of secondary importance. We will always put our clients needs first.


The processes we are implementing in stores have been refined by our 27 combined years in the business driving profitability in dealerships.


We have done the due diligence in the market and we have chosen the best administrators for dealers to partner with us. We have all of the good reinsurance structures including Retros, CFCs/ARCs and DOWCs.


We are a small and efficient firm. Nobody will beat our fees.


We will never ask for the business unless we are 100% confident that we have a better offering. When a dealer does switch, we live at that store until every employee in the store is 100% comfortable with the change and knows exactly how to do their part.