We've been saying this a long time - Top Sales Performers are Active Listeners

Top Sales Performers are Active Listeners

Source: https://www.autodealertodaymagazine.com/357345/study-top-sales-performers-are-active-listeners?utm_source=email&utm_medium=enewsletter&utm_campaign=20190701-NL-ADT-Enews-BOBCD190625013&omdt=NL-ADT-Enews&omid=1010217479


They found that top-performing salespeople actively listened to callers 179% more often than bottom performers — a practice that leads to more visits to dealerships and, ultimately, more sales.

Top performers, defined in the report as the top 25% of salespeople, relied on active listening techniques, such as repeating and clarifying information. According to the study, top performers then used that information to provide callers more relevant recommendations.

The findings showed that top sales performers:

  • Requested the caller’s name 163% more often than bottom performers.

  • Laughed on more than half of their calls, which kept the calls positive and helped relax the caller.

    “Understanding and empathy drive sales,”