Vehicle Appearance Protection

Our VAP program has all of the main benefits that the other leading providers have as well as several unique benefits including:

  • Coverage up to 7 years

  • Exterior Protection. Covers vehicle’s Paint against fading, loss of gloss, bird droppings, insects, tree sap, road salts, tar and paint, UV Rays, acid rain and more. 

  • Interior Protection. Covers vehicle’s upholstery, fabric and carpet against damage/staining from all food & beverages, including but not limited to coffee, soda, milk, fast foods, ice cream, baby food and candy; and staining/discoloration from urine, vomit, blood, UV rays and more. 

  • Rip, Tear and Burn Protection. Covers punctures, burns, rips or tears, including loose seam stitching, to seats, dashboard, door trim, carpets and other interior surfaces. 

  • Anti-Microbial HVAC & Interior Surface Protection. Safely and continuously destroys, and warrants against, stains and odors from harmful bacteria, mold, fungus and other harmful microbes. 

  • Headlight Protection. Covers clouding, fading and yellowing of vehicle’s headlight lenses caused by exposure to the sun, UV rays, weather or other environmental hazards. 


    • Dent, Ding and Minor Scratch Protection. Coverage includes minor dents in body sheet metal as well as minor chips, scratches and abrasions to vehicle’s paint. 

    • Alloy Wheel Protection. Covers cosmetic damage from minor surface abrasions, as well as surface corrosion, pitting, oxidation, fading, discoloration and more. 

    • Windshield Protection: Coverage includes minor chips, stars and cracks to vehicle’s front windshield caused from road hazards or road debris. 

  • Patented, EPA Registered Products 

  • Instant 1-800 & Online Claims Processing 

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